Thursday, November 6, 2014

US: Heir-Apparent in Senate, Describes Obama's Unilateral Action Re: Immigration a "Mistake"

According to The Associated Press, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), in line to be the next majority leader for the Senate, says it would be a "mistake" for President Barack Obama to take unilateral action on immigration, particularly considering that it is such a uniformly contentious issue with so many US citzens.
McConnell says he spoke with President Barack Obama on Wednesday (November 5) and says he looks forward to finding areas where Republicans and Democrats can agree, specifically citing trade agreements and rewriting the tax code.
Yet, McConnell says any executive action that Obama might take to address the nation's immigration system would only antagonize Republicans.
COMMENT: Speaking to reporters in his native Kentucky, McConnell says the new Republican majority in the Senate wants to take action on immigration, hopefully before President Obama beats him to the punch by issuing an executive decree, potentially to give illegal aliens an opportunity to return the favor by voting Democratic.
Republicans captured control of the Senate from Democrats in Tuesday's elections and expanded their majority in the House.
The above being said, the President has two paths available to him:
1. Continue with his preference to represent ONLY left-leaning US citizens rather than all Americans equally; OR
2. Become less ideological and agreeable to supporting pressing economic, national security and foreign policy priorities that warrant prompt attention.

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