Thursday, December 4, 2014

Brazil: Eighth Victim of Stray Rounds Killed in Rio de Janeiro in One Week

According to The Latin American Tribune, a Belgian citizen who taught history at Rio de Janeiro’s Fluminense Federal University died after being struck by stray bullets while walking in this city’s downtown area, Brazilian police said Wednesday (December 3).

Dominique Marie Phillipe Genevieve, 56, was strolling through the bohemian Lapa neighborhood in the wee hours of Wednesday when shots were fired during a brawl at a nearby bar.

COMMENT: My advice is that those who don't want to be hit by stray rounds--eight in the same week--should stay off the streets during high-risk periods of darkness.

The stray rounds struck Genevieve in the chest and the arm, the victim was pronounced dead on arrival at a Rio hospital.

The unidentified shooter, who escaped, was aiming at a man who had knifed another bar patron, according to the police.

The university professor was the eighth person to be struck by stray bullets in Rio de Janeiro over the past WEEK, police said.

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