Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chile: President Bachelet's Approval Rating Declines Every Month, Now at 42%

According to The Latin American Tribune, after only six months into her second presidential term, President Michelle Bachelet’s approval rating fell in November for the fifth month in a row, dipping to 42%, pollster Adimark said Wednesday (December 3).

Disapproval of Bachelet increased five percentage points to 53%.

Adimark conducted telephone interviews with 1,045 adults nationwide between November 6-28. The survey has a margin of error of 3%.

The monthly poll found that the government’s approval rate deteriorated even more than Bachelet’s, falling by five points to 37% during a month marred by public transportation troubles in Santiago and a debate over educational reform.

Over the last month approval for the government’s handling of education fell 10 points to 25%, while support for the management of public transportation fell six points to 19%, according to Adimark.

Education Minister Nicolas Eyzaguirre and Transportation Minister Andrés Gómez Lobo, each with approval ratings of 32%, got the worst grades amongst Cabinet members.

COMMENT: Pollsters found some bright spots for the Bachelet government: approval for the government’s foreign policy stood at 71%, followed by environment, with 44% and employment and energy, both at 38%. 

Chileans continued to show a growing disgust with politicians in general.

The ruling center-left New Majority coalition got the thumbs-up only from 37% of respondents, while the rightist Alianza tumbled to 21%, its worst showing since Bachelet took office in March.

Bachelet’s popularity was at record levels when she left office after her presidential term in 2006-2010.

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