Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kenya: Make Your Decision to Travel to Nairobi...Very Cautiously

Just so you know what you're getting into, my personal advice is that you avoid Kenya, particularly for tourism!

Government and business travel is something entirely different, as life must go...on.

For the record, tourists in Kenya have been murdered this year!

For the US travel warning, see the below link:


For the British travel warning, see the below link:


Below is a list of do's and don't that govern your official or business travel. It is my suggestion that you not deviate from this list:

1.  Regardless of your citizenship, I strongly recommend that your register your itinerary with your embassy;

2. Go to the below link and obtain international medical treatment and evacuation coverage, including repatriation of your remains back home (if you die while in Kenya):


3.  If you are traveling with electronic devices I suggest that you insure them through http://www.safeware.com;

4. Avoid Mombasa at all costs;

5. Exchange foreign currency only during DAYLIGHT hours in reputable banking institutions and NEVER on street-installed ATMs;

6. NEVER carry more than $100 on your person;

7. Take NO tourism visits during your stay;

8. Take hotel taxis to ALL destinations;

9. Remain off the streets during hours of darkness;

10. NEVER walk anywhere in Kenya;

11. Don't be creature of habit; and

12. Make eye contact with everyone you encounter on the street--they will silently convey their intentions.

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