Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tip of the Day: Five Message-Points on How Not To Be Taken Advantage Of

I've spent the majority of my 70 years on Earth being an observer of criminal and political violence.

Doing so has provided me the skills to stay alive and prevail. 

During the course of those 70 years, I have learned FIVE vitally important message-points:

1. First and foremost: Believe in yourself;

2. Trust your instincts;

3. Be predictably suspicious;

4. Be very suspicious of tens of thousands of strangers who wake up every day with the intention of relieving you of your possessions and/or your welfare, or BOTH; and

5. The explanation for #4 above is largely because material assets in all their various forms are in VERY short supply. Think of it as a demented form of "musical chairs," resulting in several folks "missing out."

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