Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tip of the Day: Traits That Typify Many Crime Victims

Why are foreign travelers victimized abroad more often than at home? Many factors contribute to this increased risk, including:

1. They are often jet-lagged and/or fatigued;

2. They are easy to identify from a distance;

3. They are often "creatures of habit" whose movements are predictable;

4. They are very often monolingualpage58image496;

5. They often fail to review their governments' travel warnings;

6. Compared to local conditions, they are perceived as being "wealthy";

7. page58image656They often can be easily identified as foreigners;


8. Travelers are often unschooled when it comes to local criminal tactics and travelers' scams.page58image1136 page58image1296 page58image1456 page58image1616page57image15760 page57image15920 page57image16080 page57image16240 page57image16400

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